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Charcoal sketching was my first art love in grade school.  I later discovered soft pastels when my artistic father gave me an old set that had once been gifted to him by his own art instructor.  I treasure them still and frequently combine them with other media.  My art education is an ongoing journey derived from classes, workshops, books and years of doing the work. My recent work is primarily acrylic, mixed media and oil. All these wonderful materials entice me to the studio daily. I can't imagine a more satisfying calling than using art to interpret the world around and inside all of us. It is my sincere hope that viewers of my paintings sense the emotional connection and enjoyment I feel while creating them.

Paint Tubes


Water and sky are major influences for subject and color inspiration. But the color, shape and lighting of just about anything can spark an idea. Some subjects are intriguing to paint in a recognizable form. Others inspire abstracted interpretation.  
I might begin working toward a specific vision, then find the vision shifts with unexpected and exciting results. Often I begin with no intention at all and follow the painting wherever it leads. Abstract work evolves over many layers of paint application and removal, texturing, collage or other processes. They are challenging and exciting to paint. Representational work is just as enjoyable, which is why I do not limit my efforts to one style. Art is interpreted through the viewer's own window of experiences. A painting of either style can offer a sense of time, place and emotion to those who view it.