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My art journey is derived from classes, workshops, books and years of doing the work. 

Charcoal sketching was my first art love in grade school.  Later, my artistic father gave me the pastels that had once been gifted to him by his own art instructor.  I treasure them still and frequently combine them with other media.  After several years of studying and working with pastels, I was curious about oils and acrylics and began to experiment. 

My current work is primarily acrylic, mixed media and oil. These wonderful materials entice me to maintain a daily studio practice and I cannot imagine a more satisfying calling. 

Paint Tubes


My work strives to offer a different perspective on the ordinary. It is about the worlds we forget to notice as we bustle about our busy lives. I hope to offer viewers moments of  deeper contemplation as they immerse themselves in the shapes and colors that I use to interpret our world.

Water, plant life and sky are major influences for subject and color inspiration in my work. Some subjects are intriguing to paint in a recognizable form. Others inspire abstracted interpretation.  

Often I begin with no intention and working intuitively, follow the painting wherever it leads. The result is some times a combination of both abstracted and recognizable forms. The work generally evolves over layers of paint application and removal, texturing, collage or other processes that are challenging and exciting.